Our selected and certified raw materials are processed using an exclusive continuous cycle method of transformation from fresh meat and fish into dehydrated products, i.e. without interruptions or intermediate steps that are the cause of pathogenic bacteria, toxic biogenic amines.

We use fresh meat or fish, in addition to those that are dehydrated, which are processed using certified continuous cycle systems. This process significantly limits the formation of biogenic amines.

The plant proteins obtained from peas, field beans and beetroot pulp make it possible to obtain a high protein value which means the percentage of cereals can be reduced to a minimum.
Consequently, we make the protein part with a studied proportion between animal and vegetable proteins to better balance the PRAL (POTENTIAL RENAL ACID LOAD).

We do not use cereals that contain substances with a high ages content.

We obtain high Omega 3 contents from fish (fresh and dehydrated) and from the integration of flax and fish oil with a high content of EPA and DHA.
The yeasts used are encapsulated in order to delay fermentation so as not to generate allergic reactions.
Our herbal supplements were the first in the PET world. They are all certified and titrated, and their effectiveness is testified by many veterinarians all over Italy.
Using the raw materials listed above, we obtain maximum palatability.
Our products cost less than others which at first glance resemble ours.