Continuous checks on raw materials, certification and titration of the active ingredient of herbs, as well as certification by university institutes of the finished product, qualify our production, placing it in the highest range of the pet-food sector.

As evidence of the results obtained, Olistika has the approval of the Italian Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology Association. Our herbs are supplied and certified. Every purchase made by our company is certified. Each certification is archived, thus making it is possible to trace each batch starting from the first day of the company's existence in 1999.

Furthermore, for maximum food safety, we neglect nothing: the wrapping that accompanies our foods is also certified.

aiff.gif Associazione Italiana di Fitoterapia e Fitofarmacologia
No Ogm No OGM: Our company does not use genetically modified ingredients.
senza-glutine.jpg Gluten-free: or years, the proteins contained in cereals, glutens, have been underestimated; they are now an increasingly frequent factor triggering allergic reactions in intolerant subjects. Our products are free of cereals containing glutens with pathogenic effects.
Organizzazione mondiale Protezione Animali Cruelty free: our company does not carry out any type of experimentation on or mistreatment of animals; it is certified by OIPA - International Organisation for Animal Protection, an NGO affiliated with the UN Department of Public Information.

Selected meats: in meat flours, often also of mixed origin, the content in allergenic toxins (histamines, heavy metals) is much higher than in fresh or dehydrated meats. Our entire range of dry products has been made using fresh, dehydrated or hydrolysed proteins.

Mono protein: he choice of a single protein enables cancellation of the effects of intolerances to meat proteins which increase their pathogenicity, when they come from different origins, especially if in flours.
Omega 3 Fish oil: fatty acids called omega 3 have been considered important for years in the prevention or treatment of inflammatory processes, in particular dermatitis. More in-depth studies have shown that only EPA DHA long-chain fatty acids, contained in fish oil, are effective in this regard as they stimulate the production of good EICOSANOIDS. The use of dehydrated fish, together with a correct integration of fish oil, is essential for preventing or treating these processes.